St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Jan 2010 Mission Newsletter from Russia

Pastor Camp reports on the latest mission work in Russia.  Please continue to pray for his work and support the Russian missions.  St. John's is one of the key supporters of Rev. Leif Camp.

Below you will find some pictures sent in by Pastor Camp. The newsletter itself is here.

aediscussingchaplaincy The bishop--who needs special prayers because he is getting over
worked--Deacon Andrei and I are discussing the future of the Chaplaincy
initiative.  The sponsor of the two year project has finished their
obligation, and although there is another prospective sponsor, there were
some questions to discuss (without a commitment by the sponsor in writing, the Church cannot commit Andrei to a contract because they do not have the funds themselves).
aediscussionafterteaturyo A picture of tea between the adult Bible study and meeting with the youth
in Turyo--about an hour's drive from my apartment in ST. Petes.  God willing my work in Turyo will increase...
aegoodnewsinvite Zhanya decided to add a few issues of the GoodNews journal to our
pro-life literature stand.  These journals stand under a notice offering
pastors and congregations the possibility of inviting someone from the
missionary committee to lead a seminar on any of the journals themes.  We already have some interest.
aeNastyastudies210 This month I was asked to sub for a science teacher who was late
getting back from Christmas break--I was priviledged to teach both Karl and Nastya's science classes, how priviledged they felt is another matter...
aeNizhniyann1 A couple of pictures of the 15 year anniversary celebration--I had the
honor of opening the service.  You can read about the rest in the attached letter.
aeNizhniyannpastors Julia--the guest organist from Peter and Paul church in Moscow; Myself,
Dean of the Moscow District Sergei Shanin, Alexander Schmidt--an elder of the Church, Alexander Prilutsky the first pastor of the Nizhniy
congregation, and present pastor Yaroslav Boichenko.
aenizhniyannslavasleif Me with two Slava's--the older Slava is Slava Bogdonov, the carpenter who built the benches, the altar, the cabinets, the announcement board, and so forth.  He taught me a lot about patience and what kind of quality it can get even from 3rd rate material.
aesnow1 Pictures of the record snow fall in St. Petes--as I write this we are
getting a second wave--another three inches of snow have already fallen.
aezhiguli my lucky Zhiguli scheduled for the repair shop tomorrow....
January 2010 Newsletter from Pastor Leif Camp